Thursday, 7 April 2011

Cloth Nappies

For as long as I can remember, I've known that when I had a baby I would use cloth nappies. I'm very traditional at heart and live by the theory that if my mum didn't need it thirty-odd years ago, then I don't need it now. But, to be honest, my main motivator to use cloth nappies is that they are just so cute! I like babies to look like babies and the image that first springs to mind when I think of a baby is of one crawling around with a big fluffy bum!

The nappies that I bought while I was pregnant were the bog-standard terry squares. These were the type I'd had experience of before when my mum used them on my younger brothers and sister. When my sister was a baby I used to love doing all the different folds. My mum used the old style rubber knickers and traditional nappy pins but this is where I differ from my mum as I discovered Nappi Nippas and modern nappy wraps.

The first wraps I got were MotherEase Rikki Wraps, which I used exclusively for about 7 or 8 months until I also discovered Wee Notions. Both these types of wraps are excellent. MotherEase Rikki Wraps because they come in small enough sizes for a new baby and are very slim fitting and have velcro fastening for perfect adjustment - And Wee Notions because, well, they are custom made and very individual and are always a talking point at baby clinic!
Once I'd discovered Wee Notions wraps I also decided to try their Northern Lights popper fastening nappies. These were the first "modern" cloth nappies I'd used and I think they are probably my favourite out of all the different nappies I now have experience of. I have added four of these to my nappy collection, along with Itti-Bitti, Bambinex and Mothercare Smart Nappies.

I would recommend that everyone atleast try out cloth nappies. They are no more messy or time-consuming than disposables. It literally takes 10 minutes every 2 or 3 days to load the washing machine and hang them to dry - and I love to see soft fluffy nappies hanging to dry! Economically, it varies as to how much money you save by using cloth rather than disposables. The terry squares I bought were £10 for a pack of six nappies. I bought 18 nappies and four MotherEase wraps at about £8 each. So that works out at about £62. There are starter packs available of the more modern shaped nappies and wraps from various companies but some of these are several hundred pounds so you'd obviously not be saving as much if you bought these. But another good thing about cloth nappies is that they can be used for more than one baby so in the long run they are a very worthwhile investment.

Nappy shopping can become somewhat of an addiction and it has been very difficult of late as my baby is now only in nappies for sleeps and I have had to curb my nappy buying habits. There really are some gorgeous nappies out there..... It's a good job my primary reason for using cloth nappies wasn't to save money though as, although I haven't worked it out, I think I have probably spent more on fancy cloth nappy paraphenalia than I would have ever spent on disposables - so bear that in mind!



  1. Very cute photo and I am with you on the addiction front! My daughter is toilet trained during the day already and I still can't stop looking at nappies. I haven't bought anything for a while though.

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  3. My best tip for cloth nappy use is grab a clothes horse - makes the washing quicker and easier! You can hang them out at night, bring them in if its raining etc. Expecially if you live somewhere with just a little sunlight each day - then you can still sun them and not have to rehang when you bring them in :)