Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Review - Peppa Pig World

Peppa Pig World is a new part of Paultons Park, near Southampton. It opened in April this year and I have been looking forward to going since I first heard about it.
Lucinda loves Peppa Pig. In fact, it could well be bordering on an obsession, so what better way to fuel the obsession than spending a day completely immersed in all things pig?!

We had already booked a week in France so we decided to go to Peppa Pig World for the day on the way. It is too far to go for the day otherwise. We booked a short break package which included a night in a hotel and two days entry to the park for the price of one. So we set off late Thursday morning and arrived there at about 3pm. This allowed us a couple of hours there before it closed. Our full day at Peppa Pig World was planned for Friday. I'm glad we had time to go on Thursday afternoon because it gave us chance to go on a few rides, so we didn't have to queue as much on Friday, and it also allowed us to plan ahead for Friday - like taking a change of clothing for Lucinda so she could get wet in the "Muddy Puddles" area. On Thursday afternoon we went on Grandpa Pig's Train ride and Peppa's Balloon ride. We went in Peppa's house and Lucinda did some Peppa Pig colouring. We also had time to go on the teacups and watch the penguins in another area of the park.

Friday was very busy. I knew it would be as it was the last day of the school summer holidays, but it was the only day we could go due to fitting it around our week in France. It wasn't too bad though. We didn't have to queue for longer than about twenty minutes for any ride and Lucinda could just about manage that.

When we first got to Paultons Park on Friday morning, we started at the opposite end of the park to Peppa Pig World as we didn't want to miss out on the other attractions. So Lucinda went on a digger ride, some other roundabouts and we had a look around the bird gardens. After lunch, we headed back to Peppa Pig World.
First of all we went on the Windy Castle ride. This was my favourite ride as you're on it a long time and get excellent views over the whole of Peppa Pig World. Lucinda then went to play in Mr Potato's Playground before going to jump in "Muddy Puddles". Muddy Puddles is a water fountain area with big brown coloured splodges on the floor! We took her some spare knickers to wear, especially for this, as her swimming costumes were packed in the main suitcase to go to France, which was wedged tightly in the car boot! It was a hot day and the water was very refreshing. Lucinda loved running through the fountains and making water squirt between her toes. I wish I'd taken a change of clothing for myself however, as small children do not care that you are fully clothed when they squirt you! My trousers were soaking wet for hours - as was the money I had in my pocket.
After we'd got dried off (not including my trousers) we went to meet Peppa and George at an official meet and greet. Lucinda was very happy to stroke Peppa and George's noses. We then went in the gift shop for a few souvenirs before finishing off in George's Spaceship Playzone indoor play area.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Peppa Pig World - and the rest of Paultons Park. It is a family theme park, so although Peppa Pig World appeals to under 6's, the rides are suitable for babies and are still entertaining for older children. In the rest of the park are bigger rides, such as a log flume and a small rollercoaster, etc. There aren't any "white-knuckle" rides... but I wouldn't have gone on those anyway!
Friends with boys have asked me whether Peppa Pig World is suitable for them as they imagine it to be really girly - but it's not. There are plenty of George Pig, Grandpa Pig, etc, themed rides too. I recommend it to anyone whose children are under about eight years old, even if they're not as obsessed with Peppa Pig as my daughter, it would still be a fantastic day out.
As we were leaving, Lucinda asked if she could go to Peppa Pig World again next week. Unfortunately for her, we couldn't go again the week after but we will definitely be planning another trip there next summer.

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