Tuesday, 29 November 2011

5000 BLW Fans!

The "Baby Led Weaning - Let your babies feed themselves" Facebook page has now reached 5000 fans!

We never imagined when we started the page that it would be so successful and that we would reach so many people all around the world.

We originally started the page just after our own, now three year olds, had started baby led weaning. We were enjoying it so much that we wanted to share our experiences and hopefully help promote baby led weaning to others, who perhaps weren't aware of it. The success of the page has exceeded our all our expectations.

We feel so privileged to have influenced and helped so many people and that the page is often a first port of call for worried parents who need advice quickly. What I find particularly comforting, is that no matter what time of day, there is always somebody around to offer advice. As even though Jade and I are based in the UK, we have active members on every continent (except Antartica!).

We hope that the page continues to grow and helps and influences many more people in the coming months and years and that Baby Led Weaning becomes more common-place as we all help to spread the word.
Keep posting your positive stories and photos of your messy babies on the page as we love reading and seeing them!

Thank you all so very much. You have all helped to build the community and keep it going and we couldn't have done it without you.

Emma and Jade. xx


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