Thursday, 12 April 2012

Crafts for Rainy Days

This is something Lucinda and I really share enthusiasm for. I have always been creative, taking a BTEC National Diploma and a HND in graphic design after leaving school, then going on into graphic design jobs in the design and print industry. At home, I make my own greetings cards, etc, and Lucinda also now enjoys making cards for family and friends. I'm enjoying Lucinda being at an age now where we can have fun with scissors and glue together. I thought I would share some of our latest craft activities with you, as with April being the month of showers (in the Northern Hemisphere - I know I have some Aussie and NZ fans!) ideas for rainy day activities are always useful.
* * *
Feathery Birds

Lucinda loves collecting feathers. One of her favourite outings is to the bird gardens and we always find a lot there. We have now actually started taking a bag out with us, especially to put collected feathers in. One way of using the feathers is to stick them onto a bird drawing to make it look more realistic. You can also purchase colourful craft feathers and we use these too.
The photo is of two birds we made. One decorated with yellow craft feathers (bought for Easter bonnet making) and shredded paper that was part of some fancy packaging. The other bird is decorated with feathers collected from the bird gardens earlier that day.

* * *
Sparkly Pine Cones

Pine cones are another favourite. It's always fun to go on a woodland walk and collect any pine cones we find. My parents also have pine trees over-hanging their garden so we collect them up off their lawn. We love painting too so one day I thought about painting the pine cones with sparkly paint. This has now become almost a weekly request from Lucinda.
The photo shows how we made some sparkly pine cones into a decorative, pot pourri style, Christmas decoration. We also tied ribbons to some and hung them on the Christmas tree. Any pine cones we paint during the spring and summer will probably be saved and used at Christmas again.
* * *
Sock Puppets

I couldn't close my sock drawer it was so full so decided to make some of the older socks into puppets! Lucinda made some eyes and tongues and I constructed little crowns out of pipe cleaners. It was really quick and easy and we made loads. We didn't have any googley eyes at the time but we now have some in stock for next time.
The photo shows one of my favourites.
* * *
Googley Pets

There's something very therapeutic about sitting and winding wool around a cardboard ring. Lucinda had been making pom-poms with her grandma and wanted to make them at home too, so I decided to make some googley pets. We took turns in winding the wool to make the pom-poms. I drew some feet shapes on some coloured paper which Lucinda cut out, then we stuck the feet and some googley eyes onto the pom-poms.
The photo is of Clarke. Named after Clarke Hall where we had been earlier that day!

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