Sunday, 17 June 2012

Self-sufficiency update - June 2012

Here is an update of how our veggies are getting on. I'm very pleased with how well they are growing. A hot week last month, followed by loads of rain has really helped. The peas and sunflowers shot up almost overnight and we have already eaten one batch of radishes.

Here is Lucinda showing how tall her sunflowers are now

Here are Lucinda's marigolds

This is Lucinda's planter, showing how big the spring onions are now.

These are my peas.
Lucinda keeps picking the pods off and eating the tiny peas inside already.

This is one of my sweet pea plants.
They're really brightening up the back steps and I think they're really pretty.

Other than what I've taken photos of, we also have the radishes and some mixed salad leaves. They should be ready to eat in another couple of weeks. One chilli plant is also coming along nicely. The mushroom kit I had didn't work but when I looked at it properly I noticed that it was almost out of date. I'll get another one next time I go to the garden centre and try again. We still haven't got as far as planting the tomatoes and carrots as the weather has been pretty awful for the last few weeks. If it's too late to sow those now I'll save them for next year.

So that's about it for now. We're both most excited about the peas. Can't wait for those to be ready. Look out for the next update :o) ....

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