Monday, 23 July 2012

Product Review - Alfresco Natural Anti-Bug Bite Moisturiser and Acqua Spray

I have been testing out some Alfresco natural insect repellent. My previous experiences of commercially available insect repellents have been very unpleasant, foul smelling sprays. Alfresco products are not like this at all. They are more like perfumes, made up of various natural scents which insects stay away from.

The week before I received the samples I had acquired three small, yet very itchy, bites. One on my leg, one on the back of my neck and another on my stomach. To be honest, there haven't been many insects around yet this summer, due to the very unseasonably cool and wet weather, but I have found myself wafting them away from me on occasions. As samples, I received some spray and some moisturiser, including some handy handbag/pocket-sized products. They are attractively packaged, looking more like perfumes and scented body lotions than insect repellents. I started using them straight-away as I was spending a lot of time in the garden, so sprayed my arms and legs sparingly to start with. The scent is not strong, as such, but I don't think you need a lot of it for it to be effective. The moisturiser, I have applied liberally, particularly on my legs. I have been using it for three weeks now and after another two weekends in the garden and spotting an increasing number of flies in the house, I am yet to have any more bites. The real test will come if I go on holiday at the beginning of September and I will update my review then if I do. My husband may be interested in testing them then too as he is often prone to bites.

Alfresco products have been developed by Sarah-Lou Morris, who has always been bothered by insects, particularly when she was working at the Chelsea Physics Garden. She started experimenting with various essential oils, eventually finding the most effective fragrance blend. After taking it to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for testing, she then took the formula to an apothecary and formed an alliance with an established English family-run factory who produced the final product for her.

The fragrance is unisex and the products are popular with both men and women - and also suitable for children (avoid spray but can use moisturiser on babies). Alfresco is actually the leading brand of insect repellent for film stars while filming on location and is effective against mosquitoes, as well as other insects. Made from a blend of over twenty essential oils, including cinnamon, cedarwood, patchouli and orange oil, it is also Deet and paraben-free.

It is available as a moisturiser and a spray and both come in two different sizes.

Alfresco Anti-Bug Bite Moisturiser 200ml (6.8 fl oz)
Pocket Anti-Bug Bite Moisturiser 50ml (1.7 fl oz) 4 pack
are both £25.00

Acqua D'Alfresco spray 50ml (1.7 fl oz)
Pocket Acqua D'Alfresco spray 7.5ml (0.225 fl oz) 4 pack
are both £30.00

For every Alfresco purchase, a percentage of profit will go to
Alfresco is fully committed to helping eradicate malaria worldwide.
More information can be found at


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