Sunday, 1 July 2012

Seaside Picture

I thought I would share a fun craft activity we did last weekend.

When I was having a clear-out in the spare room / "office" I found some picture frames I forgot I had. Those deep box ones that you can frame momentoes in. I was going to frame some of Lucinda's baby things but have never got around to it, so I thought she might like to decide what to frame instead.
She found some shells that she had collected on the beach and decided to make a seaside picture. So this is what we did...

First of all we created the background picture. We've recently got a set of about fourteen different patterned blade scissors and Lucinda thought to use the wave patterned ones to make the sea. We cut out and stuck coloured paper on to make up the picture.

On the inside of the frame, we stuck shells. The four small ones were stuck on with glue. The two larger ones with blue tack.

This is the finished seaside picture, above. We now have it hanging on the wall on full display. We have two more picture frames to be creative with at a later date :-)

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