Thursday, 2 August 2012

Torch Play

Lucinda loves torches. She has her own wind-up one and she likes to play with it for a few minutes after we've turned the light off after bedtime stories. We've thought of several games to play with it. Here are our favourites...

Shadow songs
I prop the torch so it's shining on the wall and then we sing nursery rhymes while making the actions project onto the wall with our hands. It's really effective, especially for Incy Wincy Spider and Wind the Bobbin Up. We also make stories up and try to create shadow characters.

Catch the light
This is where Lucinda gets under the duvet and I shine the torch through from the outside. She has to try and catch the light before I move it. She thinks it's hilarious when she's just about to touch the light but then it moves to the other side of the bed!

We also like shining the torch through our hands to see our bones. Or up our noses to make them glow!

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