Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bean Soup

Last week I made a yummy bean soup which went down very well with Lucinda as she loves beans of any kind. I thought I would share how I made it because I know that beans are a favourite with lots of babies and children.

It was the first time I'd made it. It was just an idea I'd had, as Lucinda loves beans and soup so I thought I'd have a go at combining the two.

I saw some packets of dried mixed beans and a dried soup mix, containing lentils, split peas, etc in a local deli, so bought them.
That evening I put the beans to soak, overnight, and then added the soup mix to them in the morning and let it all soak for a couple of hours longer.
Then I removed the seeds from four tomatoes (so the soup wasn't seedy!) and chopped the tomatoes up. I also chopped up half a red pepper and half a small red onion. Then I drained the beans and soup mix, added everything to a pan with some water and some freshly ground black pepper and simmered away for about two hours, until all the beans were soft.

This is the mixture of beans and soup mix after they had been soaked.
The colours just look gorgeous!

It was very much trial and error but I was pleased with the result. If I'd have had any vegetable stock I would've added some but I'd run out and didn't realise until I came to cooking the soup. I've now bought some stock cubes so they are ready for next time. I would have also used more tomatoes and/or soaked the beans for longer because a lot of the tomato juice evaporated away while it was simmering long enough to soften the beans. The soup would have been more dippable with bread then. But overall, an admirable first attempt at soup-making, I think!
Here it is...

Lucinda's portion

I will definitely be making bean soup again very soon and will be fine-tuning the recipe until it is perfect. I think this will be a winter favourite.

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