Saturday, 15 September 2012

Book Review - "Landy's New Home" by Veronica Lamond

A few months ago, we reviewed some Land Rover children's story books, "Landy" and "Fender", written and illustrated by Veronica Lamond. We have since received the newest story in the series, "Landy's New Home" and here is our latest review...
"Landy's New Home" is the story of what happens after Landy has gone to live with Jack. The original story ends with Jack saying that they can start a farm of their own, so this is where the latest story continues. This story revolves around Jack's home and setting up a small farm. Jack builds the animals' new homes but Landy feels left out - until it all turns out well in the end, with Dan and Fender's help.       

It includes all the characters from the previous two books - Jack and Landy, Dan and Fender and James and Pick-up - and is proving to be an exciting series as all the characters get involved.   Lucinda loves Landy and Fender but is not so keen on Pick-up and makes me read those pages really quickly to get past him!

We always have to read all the books in order. So bedtime stories for the last few weeks have had to include "Landy", "Fender" and then "Landy's New Home" most nights. And as can be seen in the photographs, we even took the books camping at a Land Rover show earlier this month and Lucinda enjoyed her daddy reading to her for a change :-)   

As in the previous books, there is a lot of emotion in the story and it helps makes Landy into a character with feelings. You really are moved by how Landy feels sometimes! All three stories to date have sadness in them but they all end on a happy note.  

We highly recommend all three books. Even if you're not particularly interested in Land Rovers, the stories, characters and delightful illustrations can't fail to appeal. There is so much in these books. The entertainment doesn't finish at the end of the story as the illustrations are so detailed that every time you look at them you see something new and can discuss them with your child.
As before, the books are available in paperback and hardback versions, direct from

Hardbacks are £9.99
Paperbacks are £6.99

You can request a dedication and Veronica's (the author) signature when you buy books from the website, which is a lovely personal touch.

Landybooks also supports a small community based organisation "Wamumbi Orphan Care" in Kangema, Kenya.
Their website is

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