Sunday, 16 June 2013

Review - Purple Pixie Poncho

Lucinda broke her elbow last month and couldn't get her arm into any of her cardigan sleeves so I asked my very talented friend, Claire of Purple Pixie Crochet, to make her a poncho to keep her arms warm.

I took Lucinda out to choose her own yarn and she chose three lovely shades of blue which complemented each other very well. Definitely has an eye for design! She also chose a style of poncho she liked from some pictures I showed her.

We left the yarn with Claire one Tuesday evening and were very surprised and impressed when she told us the poncho was ready only four days later.

Here is Lucinda wearing the finished product. It is fantastic and everywhere she goes everyone says what a gorgeous poncho it is. 

We highly recommend Purple Pixie for your crocheted creations. Thank you Claire :-)

Here is a link to her Facebook page...


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