Sunday, 20 October 2013

Book Review - "Mama Midwife" by Christy Tyner

We have been fortunate enough to review a book called Mama Midwife by Christy Tyner.
This is a children's book about a mouse called Miso whose mummy is a midwife. It is based on Christy's partner's experiences of life as a midwife.

Miso has a slumber party one night, during which her mummy rushes off to a birth. Miso's friends are very intrigued so she explains how her mummy helps babies be born. Then she asks her mummy if she can go along to a birth with her. There she discovers what labour is and the power of positive thought in bringing a new baby into the world at Mummy Grizzly Bear's homebirth.

The book we reviewed is the original edition but it has now been updated to also include a paragraph about placing baby on mummy's chest and having his first breastfeed.

This book is perfect for Lucinda. She loves midwives, loves the Call the Midwife series on TV, and she is especially excited now we have our own midwife for our new baby due around Christmas. So it is lovely to sit down and read this book together in preparation for Lucinda's first experience of birth.

I would recommend it to everyone with a young child (I'd say 3-10 years old is an appropriate age range for this book) and an upcoming birth in the family, especially if planning a homebirth as so many other children's books have the mummy going into hospital and bringing the new baby home. This book is all about the baby being born at home and birth being a family experience.

I must admit to finding this book very moving. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones but I do get a lump in my throat. It's a lovely birth story though and I do wonder whether I will find myself chanting the mantra at the end of the book while I am in labour!

Beautifully illustrated by Christy herself, the vibrant pictures really bring the story to life. Lucinda loves looking at the pictures in detail and sees something new every time.

The book is written in American English and I do tend to read "Mommy" as "Mummy" and "Birth Tub" as "Birth Pool" but it's not a problem! I just think it's worth mentioning within the review. Also, on checking the website details ready for publishing this review, I have just noticed the book is also available in Spanish and Finnish.

It is available from Amazon in several countries.
On it is currently US$17.99 for the hardback version and $10.07 for the paperback.
On it is £10.79 for the hardback version and £6.21 for the paperback.

The official website of Mama Midwife is…


  1. Sounds great. I may get it for Melissa as she is still upset about me having another baby. :(

    1. Aww. Lucinda has mixed feelings about the baby but this book is helping her understand what will happen I think :)