Monday, 7 April 2014

Product Review - SnugiWrap Stretchy Wrap

I love wearing Francesca, four months old now, in a wrap. Up to this point, we have mostly been using a SnugiWrap stretchy wrap. Stretchy wraps are perfect for newborns and small babies. They keep the baby very snug and close to you and have the convenience of being able to keep them pre-tied around you. This means you can quickly and easily take your baby in and out.

SnugiWraps have recently started using a new fabric and have kindly offered me a stretchy wrap to review. This particular fabric has been in use since around new year (2013/14). Whilst using it, I have found myself comparing it to the fabric they used previously. I also have a stretchy wrap which I purchased in September (2013).

The new fabric is noticably thinner and stretchier than the previous fabric. I must admit, it took me a while to get used to it as the first few times I didn't tie it tightly enough. You have to tie it rather quite tightly or once the baby is in there it sags too low down and the baby bounces too much as you walk. However, now I have got used to the tension I need to use, this isn't an issue. The thinner fabric, I expect, will be cooler in summer than the thicker fabric used previously. Another difference between the wraps I have is that the newer one has the SnugiWrap logo sewn onto what becomes the front once wrapped. The older wrap has no logo.

SnugiWrap stretchy wraps are a good starter wrap. They are very good value - currently £19. They are literally an unhemmed piece of fabric, cut to size, but look so snug and cosy once on. The colours available at the moment are black, brown, cerise, marl charcoal, navy, purple, royal blue and teal.

A leaflet comes with each wrap, detailing how to tie the wrap and other safety advice. I didn't read it thoroughly, to be honest, as I had watched people using wraps beforehand quite frequently and had seen YouTube videos.Sling libraries and meets are also good places to get advice on using wraps and other carriers.

Here is a photo of Francesca looking all snuggly in her SnugiWrap...

You can buy SnugiWrap stretchy wraps from their website at

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  1. Love the colour I have a woven wrap exactly that colour.